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Blacks & Hispanics Have Highest Poverty Rates in the U.S

The U.S Census reported that in 2019, the share of Blacks in poverty in the U.S was 1.8 times greater than their share among the general U.S population. Blacks represented 13.2% of the total population in the United States, but 23.8% of the poverty population.

The share of Hispanics in poverty was 1.5 times more than their share in the general population. Hispanics comprised 18.7% of the total population, but 28.1% of the population in poverty.

The poverty high poverty rate for Black & Hispanics continues into 2022.

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Black and Hispanic Poverty Chart

A McKinsey study found a bleak financial standing for Black Americans.

  • Black workers in the U.S. earn on average, 30%, or $10,000, less than white workers, McKinsey found. Digital Skills training is key to fixing this.

  • Nearly half of Black workers are employed in lower-paying service roles instead of professional or managerial roles.

  • The annual median wage of all U.S. workers is about $42,000, 43% of Black workers earn less than $30,000 per year.

  • Black entrepreneurs launch their businesses with $35,000 in startup capital & loans vs an avg of $107,000 for White entrepreneurs.

  • The median Black household has a net worth of about $24,000, or about one-eighth the figure of $188,000 for white households.

  • 6.7 million Black workers (or 42% of the Black labor force) now hold jobs that could be subject to disruption by 2030.

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