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What is Urban Income?

Urban Income provides expert information and partners with brands to help minorities earn, save, and invest.

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Free Information to Increase Your Income

Our free content, guides, recommendations, interviews; are focused on helping you earn, save and invest.

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Learn About

  • Grants and resources for Black, Hispanics, Women and other minorities

  • How to save, find the best credit cards, build credit and accomplish your financial goals

  • Learn about stocks, crypto and other forms of investing

  • Learn about diversity career sites and job programs

  • Access interviews & advice from Black, Hispanic, Asian, Women and other minority leaders who have incredible careers

  • Help give back to minority groups and communities so we can flourish together

Learn to Earn

View our collection of content on increasing your income and making more money.

Learn to Save

View our collection of content on ways to save more money for the future.

Learn to Invest

View our collection of content on ways to invest from stocks, crypto, real estate and more.

Interviews From Industry Leaders

Check our our interviews with global leaders who have used their diversity as a foundation for their success.

Featured Interview
Beth Paretta

Featured Interview

Beth Paretta, CEO and Founder of Paretta Autosport

Marie Le, Greenwood Bank, CMO
Marie Le, Greenwood Bank CMO
Rahul Sabnis, Chief Creative Officer
Kat Reed
Kat Reed, CEO of EstateGrid

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Beth Paretta

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If you’ve ever followed a financial influencer or listened to a podcast by someone who has retired young,

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