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The Benefits of Blogging and Thought Leadership with Andy Dé

In this episode, Andy Dé, CMO at MedeAnalytics, talks about his journey as a first-generation immigrant and his passion for healthcare innovation. He discusses the potential of AI and analytics in healthcare, challenges with generative AI, and Google’s search experience. Dé shares his strategies for effective marketing and aligning purpose with career goals. Additionally, Andy provides insights into standing out in the job market through thought leadership and continuous learning.

Andy Dé is the Chief Marketing Officer at MedeAnalytics, a pioneer in Healthcare Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. With a transformative leadership approach, Andy drives strategic growth and customer-centric marketing initiatives, resulting in 100% customer retention and significant brand impact. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Urban Income Show:

  • Discrimination and negative comments should be used as motivation to rise above expectations.
  • AI and analytics are merging in healthcare, enabling predictive and prescriptive analytics to enhance productivity and decision-making
  • Healthcare organizations had to deal with scheduling, surge capacity, physician burnout, and nurse confrontations during Covid-19
  • Saving as much as possible and avoiding debt are crucial for managing money
  • Continuous learning and staying ahead of change is essential for success
  • Valued employees can often receive funding for executive education from their employers
  • Utilizing LinkedIn’s Pulse can showcase your thought leadership to potential employers.

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Quotables from Andy Dé:

07:16 – “I think people from the country I come from, India, have done extremely well, right? We are the most educated, the most qualified and successful ethnic minority group, right. With the CEOs of Microsoft and Google and, you know, Adobe and countless other companies. So I think that has helped, it has helped drive the brand perception of people that look like me. And I think it has paved the way… it has opened up doors, it has broken through the glass ceiling where people that look like me are making it to the, you know, to the C-suite.”

30:38 – “I think striking that balance from a life perspective, getting help, don’t try to do it all on your own, right? If you are, if you are a marketing professional or you are a product professional, that doesn’t automatically make you a great investment expert, right? So like everything else, take the reach out, find good investment advisors who can advise, who can craft a strategy, get the right balanced portfolio for you, and then help you maintain and grow, right? And, create your wealth.”

31:50 – “If you have a principle of I won’t keep debt, I won’t have debt, then you’ll be less tempted to do that “Buy now, pay later”. Because you’re standing for something in a small adage. If you don’t stand for something, you’re gonna fall for anything.”

32:03 – “You’re going to do the buy now pay later, because you don’t have the cash right now. But you’ll want the thing. So instant gratification, you’re going to buy it. But what’s going to happen is that’s called debt. And if you do that more and more and more, you could fall into the trap where you’re o you know, you’re over your head and then an emergency happens. Yeah. Where you actually need money, then you have to take out a loan or something.”


Lavall: “One thing that I loved in that, that was in there too, is like you took it upon yourself to write it and publish it, and yes. And so your willingness to work is really what, really what set that apart.”

Andy: “Exactly. You have to hold extra mile. There are no shortcuts, right? Absolutely. And especially, again, if you’re a minority person, you have to go the extra mile.”

Lavall: “Absolutely.”

Andy: “You get, you have to get to a point where no one can question why you are at the table or why you are at the room, right?”

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