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How to Grow Organic Traffic with Aura’s Growth Leader Irina Maltseva

In this episode, Aura’s Growth Leader, Irina Maltseva, shares insights on creating epic content, leveraging AI tools for research, and optimizing workday productivity for success in Google rankings.

Irina Maltseva is a seasoned marketer with over a decade of experience driving revenue growth for SaaS companies through inbound marketing. With her expertise in creating a safer internet at Aura and running her own consultancy, she empowers SaaS businesses to enhance their online presence and organic traffic. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Urban Income Show:

  • How integration, such as combining SEO and paid ads, will be key to maintaining visibility on SERPs.
  • How properly using AI tools such as GPT and Jasper can simplify the research process
  • Which tools can help in creating meta descriptions, FAQs, and recognizing definitions.
  • The importance of keeping a work-life balance to be productive.
  • The ways to stay up to date with industry news to continuously learn and improve.
  • Why getting enough sleep is crucial to productivity.
  • Why working smart is more valuable than just working hard.

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Quotables from Irina Maltseva:

11:01 – So at some point I decided to switch to SaaS, to startups. And when I was working for my first SaaS company as all the SaaS companies we wanted and we needed to start a blog. So we started to write articles and you know, we check out Google links, no one’s written them. Okay. So we have a problem and we need to fix it.

12:18 – Cause being like a PR specialist, you have to work a lot with the content. At that time, I had to write a lot of like, articles, press releases. I did a lot of like interviews, et cetera. So I knew how to create a good content. Right. The only thing that when I started working on SEO, I didn’t know like the, you know, these technical things Yeah. Like how to build back links, how to do like, you know, website od et cetera. But this is something that you can actually learn yourself, and there are so many great materials online. So it’s just easy to learn if you want to.

13:05 – I would say launch your own block and experiment with it. So find the topics that you’re patient about. Launch a blog, you know, on the WordPress it’s like $0 per month probably you’ll need to buy a theme if you want something like more advanced. Or you can just pick one of the free things, start creating content, start building back links, start optimizing your website for speed, start checking your rankings and see how it’s growing.

26:16 – Yes. I like, I mean like if you want just like to create a website with some content without thinking about it. Okay. If it’s like you don’t want to use like organic search as one of the acquisition channels, you can probably use it if it’s like your, I don’t know, like a CV or like, like website that you use, like as a business card, like whatever, you can do it. But if you want to get like organic visitors from organic search, you should definitely work on a content yourself. But you have to use AI tools like GPT, Jasper, like any other tool, like a bar to help you with your research. These tools are really good for that. If you need like, it, it’s, it’s, it simplifies a lot the research process. You don’t have to meet, you don’t have to read now like 100 pages of like a content on a specific topic.

16:10 – As a marketer, I realized that I can bring my expertise and a value in terms of creating in-depth reviews on SaaS marketing tools. Because you know, sometimes for me, it’s difficult to find a tool by checking like the reviews because all, all of them it is like not tested by someone or like, not really in depth or like very generic, let’s say, you know, with, with AI you’re like many people, you know, write the same information, and it’s hard to make a decision basically on someone’s hands-on experience. So they, it’s hard to find a person who really tried, tested and gave their own opinion on it and like, I really want to fix it, you know, cause I’ve tested like hundreds of different tools because I’m in, in marketing for a long time and I wanna share my exp my experience using them. And in the future, like when this website start to get some traffic to monetize it, basically like disaffiliate with affiliate. Cause most of the marketing software, they have the affiliate programs. So that’s the easiest, easiest way to, to do monetization.

10:36 – “So I, I think for everyone listening, you know, when things are hard sometimes you have to take the time to actually focus on them, manage them, get them done, communicate that with, with your employer and your, your peers and friends and family or whoever you have to, to, so that you have the time and, and, and you’re able to, to, to do that. But taking the time really, really helps.”

15:36 – “I would say you just learn so much when you’re building your own site. And that’s how I learned, too. I was a creative, I was an English major, I wanted to be a novelist, so I wanted to write books and stuff. And I stumbled upon SEO and I, I taught myself and I had, I remember building all these sites and, and when I got into advertising, I realized that like a lot of people around me, they didn’t know anything about SEO.”

23:13 – “And basically what Irene is saying is that the first result when you do a search, Google’s going to use their version of chat g p t to pull in information and answer those questions. And then that search will, you could continue that search, it’ll remember what you search for, and you basically could have a discussion, and it’ll show different things. But what that does then is it basically pushes any result lower under the fold, including that first organic result, right?”

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