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The Power of Allyship in Marketing with Jess Cook

In this episode, In this episode, Jess Cook shares her experience in the marketing industry and the importance of allyship in promoting diversity and inclusion. She also discusses building a personal brand on LinkedIn, using AI tools for content creation, and making financial decisions based on clear goals. Additionally, Jess explains the symbiotic relationship between demand capture and generation in business.

Jess Cook is the Head of Content at LASSO, a seasoned professional who has made a remarkable transition from being a creative director to excelling as a content marketer and strategist. With over 15 years of experience, Jess has an impressive track record of conceptualizing and delivering exceptional work for renowned brands such as Eggo, Rice Krispies, Blue Cross, Cottonelle, and McDonald’s. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Urban Income Show:

  • Casting a wider net for interviews can provide valuable insights and skill sharing opportunities beyond narrow demographics.
  • Identify trends in successful posts to determine what your audience wants more of from you.
  • There is no competition in personal branding because everyone has their unique experiences to share.
  • Event production companies can benefit from software like Lasso to manage projects, inventory, and crew scheduling.
  • Demand capture is for people who already know they have a problem and are seeking a solution.
  • Demand generation is for people who may not even know they have a problem yet.
  • A smaller pool of people know they have the problem, while a larger pool is yet to be aware of it.

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Quotables from Jess Cook:

23:47 – “So I think the first thing to know is like, think about yourself a year ago, two years ago, what would you have needed to hear then to be better at your job, to be more confident to try something new, right? So post [on LinkedIn] about that, like think about helping yourself from two years ago with every single post. And that I think helps kind of spark some ideas of like, what could I write about what wasn’t I good at two years ago that I’m really good at now that I could help people with struggling with those same things.”

48:37 – “And so I think maybe the, the, the best advice that I could give as a total non-finance person or, or you know, definitely not any kind of accountant is what is the end goal? Do you want to retire? Do you want to travel? Do you want to have a vacation home? Like what is that thing? And then put everything toward that so that you can make it a reality.”

08:51 – “I’ve been lucky throughout my life, I’ve had literally mentors who’ve saved my life, right? And guided me in precious moments where I was going hard down the wrong, wrong direction. It’s just like ‘Hey, just take a minute, breathe and I know it’s going to happen. You should go this way’. Yeah. And that really, really, really helps. So I think also if you’re listening, seek out mentorship. I think that’s really important. People don’t know that a lot of people want to give back.”

26:18 – “I’ve been consuming a ton of content about around AI in the future and what, you know, experts are predicting and, and all of these things. And I, I’m starting to feel like because there is going to be job loss, right? And I really think unfortunately, and I think that it is people like you who have built a strong personal brand that will always be in demand, right? That will always hold on to their job because one, you have your own audience. Two, you sort of protect because you have your passive side income.”


Lavall: You don’t get 17,000 followers overnight. How important is that to your career journey?

Jess: I think it is the main tent pole of the rest of my career journey. I think my, when I initially started, my goal was I don’t want to ever have to actually apply for a job again. Right. And that was a really big deal to me. I didn’t ever want to have to fill out that form. Right?

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