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Unveiling the Key to Success: Personal Branding, Sustainability, and Empowerment with Tara Nolan

In this episode, business consultant Tara Nolan talks about the significance of personal branding and sustainability. The benefits of meditation and financial planning are also discussed, as well as Tara’s personal story of spreading love and standing her ground in both personal and professional settings.

Tara Nolan is a conscious marketer and business consultant with a global background in communications and business development. She is passionate about sustainability and positive change, collaborating with brands and individuals who share her ambition. Currently pursuing a meditation certification, Tara brings a holistic approach to aligning values with ambitions. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Urban Income Show:

  • Tara Nolan is a conscious business consultant with a focus on sustainability in marketing.
  • Sustainability can be integrated into personal branding by aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Brands can tap into sustainability by focusing on specific goals, collaborating with others, and sharing best practices.
  • Manifesting new ideas and products can lead to personal and professional growth.
  • Reacting with kindness when faced with a life-threatening situation is crucial.
  • Recording incidents versus taking action is a disheartening reflection of society’s priorities.
  • The message to the younger self: Stand up for yourself, be kind, and never tolerate mistreatment.

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Quotables from Tara Nolan:

14:55 – “Having this ability to create this personal brand for yourself that’s rooted in your authentic self and, and where you see yourself going, is more important than ever these days for a couple of reasons. One being the way that we consume content, generally speaking, and from social to any which way, there’s someone behind that message. And I think, especially as we see the rise of AI happening, there’s lots of benefits to tools we can leverage to make this work of personal branding work for us. However, there’s still the human element that’s absolutely essential and that is not going to go away, right? And it’s only going to become more important. In fact, I think it’s probably the strongest competitive advantage to AI is being able to express yourself and show who you are as an individual.”

18:40 – “Being strategic and smart and authentic to your business and your brand and what your consumers appreciate and being able to focus so that you can create the most impact is the most important thing. And so if you don’t have a certain resource or capability that you know would help fulfill on your mission, go find someone else that has that because you probably can find a shared mission at the core and that way you can do more together.”

36:42 – “I think that especially as like minority, underserved communities, you could focus on the negative of things or your situation, but I think everyone has something amazing that someone else has done for them that you could be thankful for. And thinking of those things really, you know, puts your energy, your mind in a different way.”

37:35 – “I had, you know, a home situation where I was breaking up with my ex, had my first panic attack passed out, fell headfirst into the train tracks, almost died. A random person pulled me off the train tracks and saved my life. I was just given up to the universe and the universe said, no, this dude is going to pull you off the tracks. Right? I wake up, and I get out of the hospital, I wake up in the morning and I come home and my friend calls me and this friend is like, he is properly a DJ now. And we, we created this site that allows people to give hope and inspiration through an anonymous email. And I think because of things like that, that’s why the universe sort of saved me and said like, you’re not done yet.”


Lavall: “What do you wish you did with your money sooner?”

Tara: “Mm, great question. I was thinking about that, that this morning I wish that I had worked with a financial advisor sooner. I wish that I had looked, you…”

Lavall: “Need to”

Tara: “I really do. I mean, what I was smart about doing always was 401k maximum contribution. Absolutely. So always putting that in because you know, I knew when I was like in my mid-twenties, I said to myself, you know what, I have a sense that I’m probably not going to be in corporate forever, so I need to do this now.”

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