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6 Best Resume Builders of 2023

Using a resume builder to get the perfect resume is nothing new. If you’re wondering what’s the fastest way to make a resume, this helpful tool can streamline the process.


With companies increasingly using applicant tracking systems and hiring managers spending an average of six seconds per resume, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Anything short of perfect could cost you.


But what is the best free resume maker, and should you make an online resume maker part of your job search?


Why Use a Resume Builder?


If you’re wondering how to get a job in sales or idly browsing diversity job sites, you may be wondering how to stand out from the crowd. Well, technology has come to the rescue.


So, here are some of the reasons why plugging into a resume builder AI could help you in your career:


  • Save Time – Resume builders help you with templates, clean designs, and tips.
  • Promote Yourself Right – These resume tools are equipped to simplify the process of promoting yourself using the best words and phrases.
  • Improve Design – The fact is every industry has its preferences for resumes. Don’t waste your time worrying about how to get a job in digital marketing. Your CV builder has you covered with industry-specific guidance.
  • Get Inspired – Sometimes, it can be tricky to know where to begin. With guided CV creation features, you can use a resume-building platform to inspire yourself into action.
  • Beat Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) – Overcome automated ATSs by formatting and writing your resume in a way that makes it simple for these tools to read.


The last point is crucial for securing those six-figure jobs. And don’t underestimate the importance of these automated tools. Approximately 99% of Fortune 500 companies use ATSs before a human sees your application.


6 Best Resume Building Platforms & Tools


Are you wondering, “Where can I make a free resume?” Downloading a free resume builder is an excellent way of upping your candidacy and getting yourself shortlisted for a job.


Is it worth paying for a resume builder? Based on our research, you can find a resume builder for free and still generate the perfect CV.


Here are our top picks and why.


1.             Zety


Is Zety a good CV builder?


Zety is one of the most popular resume-creation tools in the world. Enter details about yourself, and the site will walk you through creating a winning CV. All you have to do is fill out all relevant fields, and you’re done.


This resume platform is often recommended by Hispanic financial influencers and black career networks alike because of the expert help that comes with Zety.


During your journey, you’ll receive relevant tips and prompts to inspire you to create better content.


Note that you can only download your CV for free if you opt for a .txt file.


2.             Resume Genius


Found a selection of recession-proof jobs, but they stop accepting applications tomorrow?


Then you need Resume Genius. This is by far one of the fastest and simplest resume tools available. Its clean, simplified interface walks you through every section of your resume.


In essence, Resume Genius is all about filling in the blanks, and the platform will cover the rest.  Plus, these resumes are automatically optimized for modern ATSs.


It’s like ChatGPT but more reliable!


3.             Wepik


Did you know that 88% of resumes were rejected due to a photo of the candidate? Although it might appear that this is an issue with images, companies are worried about getting sued for discrimination, so many automatically reject resumes with photos.


But that doesn’t mean you cannot create a resume with graphics that are professional and demonstrate your thought leadership on the issue of personal branding.


Remember, everyone has different learning styles, which means every hiring manager will have their own preferences, and this is where Wepik comes in.


Just import your existing CV and use the user-friendly editing tool to add attractive visual branding with a single click.


4.             My Perfect Resume


Are you a beginner looking to start freelancing or transition into a new career?


My Perfect Resume begins from a blank template and provides expert-guided recommendations as you embark upon each step. It will even provide suggested phrases if you apply for a specific role.


Unlike other free builders, it also allows you to add optional sections, such as career accomplishments and certifications.


Note that My Perfect Resume offers limited customization options.


5.             Standard Resume


LinkedIn is essential for everybody as it’s the professional’s social media network of choice. As inflation and the cost of living crisis bite, you must be present here if you’re preparing to make a move.

Standard Resume is the perfect partner for active LinkedIn users because you can import your details directly into the platform and turn them into a resume.


This platform opts for a minimalist approach, which should serve traditionalists in industries that aren’t impressed by fancy graphics. Moreover, LinkedIn users who use Standard Resume automatically get an ATS-optimized resume.


6.             Kickresume


No discussion on resume builders would be complete without an AI-assisted option. Kickresume has infused OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4 engine into its program, allowing you to create a tailored resume by answering a few key questions.


Even though AI will provide suggested phrases and keywords to allow you to stand out, Kickresume shouldn’t be relied on 100%. It’s a tool that will create the basic framework, and then it’s down to you to edit and personalize the results.


On a side note, more companies than ever are now using AI detectors when analyzing CVs alongside their ATSs. For this reason, it’s best to avoid copy-pasting AI-generated content into the final product.




Creating a CV is tough, but with a resume builder, you have everything you need to produce a polished resume in minutes.

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