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Top 7 Hispanic Financial Influencers – Follow Them & Learn

Managing your money — particularly when inflation is eating away at every penny you earn — is no simple feat, which is why these seven Hispanic financial influencers are on a mission to help others achieve financial freedom. Through the power of their individual voices, each of the seven Hispanic financial influencers on this list is paving the way for new generations to learn how to build wealth, kick bad financial habits, and find happiness through less financial stress. Make sure to follow them all and learn how you can manage your finances in a whole new way.

#1: Nely Galan

Nely Galan is the author of the New York Times Best Seller “Self Made,” a book that is all about helping women explore their entrepreneurial potential while providing them with the tools they need to gain financial independence. Galan started her own business at age 25. Through the course of the first four years of business, during which Galan earned no money, she learned an incredible amount of resilience and practical financial wisdom. Today, as a Hispanic financial influencer, Galan continues to share her insights with her followers, encouraging others on the same path. In her words, if she can do it, so can you!

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#2: Jully-Alma Taveras: Investing Latina

A Plutus Award-winning bilingual personal finance expert, Jully-Alama Taveras is the power behind the platform “Investing Latina.” Through her YouTube channel, Taveras shares insights into how Latinas can grow their wealth and improve their finances. Sharing stories from her life as a Dominican Republic-born immigrant, Taveras offers down-to-earth insights that any audience can benefit from.

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#3: Diana Pinedo: MsInformed Latina

CEO and founder of MsInformed Latina, Diana Pinedo is a first-generation Latina, born and raised in L.A. Pinendo graduated college during the 2009 recession and found herself making numerous financial mistakes, struggling to navigate resume writing and interviewing, and generally feeling misinformed. Using her journey from misinformed to Ms. Informed, Pinedo is now on a mission to make sure young people like her never have to feel misguided or lost.

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#4: Jannese Torres-Rodriguez: “Yo Quiero Dinero” Podcast

As Jannese Torres-Rodriguez puts it, she grew up not learning a sh*t about money. Now Torres-Rodriguez is the host of the award-winning personal finance podcast Yo Quiero Dinero where she uses her candid approach to educate others about building generational wealth, getting out of debt, and becoming an entrepreneur.

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#5: Luis F. Rosa: On My Way to Wealth

Luis F. Rosa moved to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic at the age of 11. With a family that taught him the value of hard work and education, Rosa was set on the path to success — except for in one key area. Rosa went through his early life struggling with personal finances. After racking up credit card debt in college, overborrowing on student loans, and other financial mishaps, Rosa eventually pursued a career as a Certified Financial Planner professional. Now, he’s a Hispanic financial influencer passionately helping others learn how to achieve financial freedom, breaking down fancy jargon into everyday practical tips.

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#6: Jennifer Toledo: Talk Finances To Me

Jennifer Toledo accumulated over $10,000 in credit card debt twice. She took out student loans, mismanaged a retirement account, and more on her path to discovering financial freedom. After finding herself in a toxic relationship, Toledo wanted independence. She wanted to find someone who could help her understand how to better manage money and build generational wealth. So, she became just that. Now Toledo is passionately helping millennial women with money management.

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#7: Delyanne Barros: Money Coach at Master My Fire

Podcast Host of Diversifying, Delyanne Barros uses her voice to share investment tips and insights into finances. During her own journey, Barros struggled with increasing her net worth, frustrated by numerous attempts at investing in NYC real estate. Early in her career as an attorney, Barros shares about the immense pressure student loans put on her, feeling overworked and continually stressed. Now, as a Hispanic financial influencer, Barros is helping demystify and humanize investment strategies through practical insights while discussing why traditional rules of money no longer apply.

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