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Top Black Career Networks

Looking for a good job — or even more so, looking for a great career — can be one of the most challenging journeys in one’s life. There is just so much to do and so many hurdles to jump. Resumes, phone calls, follow-ups, networking, emails. It all becomes overwhelming. And at the end of the day, it simply isn’t anything one should be taking on one’s own. And yet, so often, we do.

For folks in the Black community seeking opportunity, the challenges can become even more compounded. Everything from traditionally obstructive systems to a lack of mindfulness on the part of employers can cloud many hiring managers’ ability to tap into some of the very best talent out there. Fortunately, there is a great deal of outstanding Black career networks out there ready to help.

While popular and proven job boards and job-hunting sites are all well and good, it doesn’t hurt to have folks on your side who understand the particular set of circumstances you may be facing in your career search. In addition, having advocates with eyes wide open to your potential can be a boon to employers. When it comes to top black career networks, it’s a two-way street that ends in a win-win situation.

Are you ready to take that first step into a larger job opportunity world? Then check out these top Black career networks.

1. BlackJobs.com

It’s all right there in the name, right? BlackJobs.com has a singular self-proclaimed mission statement. In their own words: “Ultimately, our goal is to help reduce the high rate of unemployment in Black communities.” With the thousands of well-paying jobs listed on their site, we can imagine they are making serious headway. There are portals for both employers and job seekers. They feature a good gender mix almost at parity with specific focuses on IT, engineering, web development, communications, marketing, management, human resources, accounting, graphic design, and nursing. High-end gigs for highly skilled workers — that’s what it’s all about.

2. HBCU Connect

As the acronym implies, this website is an excellent platform for job seekers emerging from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (hence “HBCU”). Think of it as a student and alumni network, but instead of being for just one school, it’s all the top historically Black institutions in the U.S. On top of that, they own a whole family of websites focusing on different sectors and groups like women, PhDs, and healthcare professionals. Beyond just helping folks find work, there are also educational and vocational connections to be made. It’s a great Black career networking resource.

3. Black Career Network

More than just a job board, the Black Career Network is a one-stop-shopping destination for all kinds of fantastic professional resources. With thousands upon thousands of job listings available, you will find plenty to get started with. Dig in deeper into the site, and you’ll encounter a huge number of additional services: one-on-one personal phone career consultations, access to recruitment events, and email alerts are just part of the package. Jump in and find your career path!

4. People of Color in Tech

It’s no great secret that one of the most lucrative fields to be in these days is the tech sector. With everything from e-commerce to smart appliances overtaking every corner of our lives, positions for folks who can help us keep up with it all are in high demand. People of Color in Tech (POCIT) helps you find work and makes you part of a larger professional community. From job ads to its industry-renowned newsletter and access to tens of thousands of social media followers, this is a great place to plug in to your next big tech job.

5. The Black Perspective

Do you consider yourself a person of letters? Are you engaged in a creative career in content creation? Then go over and check out what’s happening at The Black Perspective. This career magazine is loaded with blogs and articles about career development and diversity. And it is always actively looking for freelance contributors to add to its portfolio of meaningful content. Of course, it also has a great job board that you can scour through to identify your next big job opportunity. It’s a great resource for intel gathering in the job market as well as a chance to get paid for your own research.

6. Black Tech Jobs

Here’s another fantastic resource for all of the tech geniuses out there ready to take their next step up the career ladder. Black Tech Jobs has its own recruiting team dedicated to building a top-tier network of Black tech professionals geared towards being the envy of talent pools. Job posting pages make it easy to both advertise yourself and look to see who’s hiring. But there is also plenty of additional resources to be found on their platform. You can opt for customized recruiting services, placement opportunities, and more. Anybody doing IT or engineering will be glad they checked these folks out.

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