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The 6 Ultimate Job Search Websites of 2023

Job search websites are prime resources for finding jobs in almost any line of work, but there’s a long list of job sites, including niche platforms like diversity job sites. So, where should you start your search?


And that’s where so many people get stuck because what is the actual best job website? If you’re struggling to find black career networks or how to get a job in a specific field, here are the top job search websites in the world today.


What are the Best Job Search Sites in 2023?


Ranking the best places for recession-proof jobs or six-figure jobs isn’t as easy as it sounds. Some sites may excel in one area but fall short in another.


So, with 9.8 million job openings, how have we ranked the top job search websites in the USA and beyond?


  • Quantity of jobs
  • Job quality (presence of high-paying jobs)
  • Networking features
  • Job search tools
  • Types of roles available
  • Reliability of positions posted


If we examine the current women and men job statistics, we’re firmly in the Goldilocks zone when making a horizontal or vertical career move. So, if you’re ready to start searching, here’s a rundown of the best job search platforms available now.


6 Best Job Search Websites in 2023


What are the best job search sites in 2023?


Every platform has a different audience in mind. To support you as you work out how to make a resume and whether you’re ready to start a new career or move up a rung, we’ve come up with the top six best platforms to begin your hunt.


1.            Indeed – Best Overall


Did you know that 96% of workers were actively searching for a new job in 2023?


And most of these workers will find themselves visiting Indeed at some point during their searches. As one of the world’s most popular job search platforms, an Indeed job search will give you everything from part-time and full-time roles to remote and entry-level career moves.


Searching by location, salary, job type, seniority, and more couldn’t be easier. Plus, you can even set up job alerts and upload your resume to make applying more efficient.


2.            ZipRecruiter – Best for Employers


Employers have other considerations when assembling their teams. They must consider the nuts and bolts of how to get an EIN number, benefits packages, corporate culture, and establishing standards.


ZipRecruiter understands this, so it stands out for its built-in tools that assist employers. A resume database, automatic job listing sharing, and integrations with Greenhouse and other hiring tracking systems streamline candidate searches.


Furthermore, employers love ZipRecruiter because they can use job post templates to produce consistency within their hiring processes. And anything employers love is bound to benefit the 5.2 million Americans looking for work.


3.            LinkedIn – Best for Networking


Everybody knows that networking is essential for a successful career, and LinkedIn is the professional’s social media platform of choice. All Hispanic financial influencers will tell you that networking is crucial, and black job statistics will reveal that it really does work to secure those high-flying roles.


LinkedIn provides everything that you need to connect with co-workers, industry contacts, employers hiring, and more. There’s no better way to showcase yourself than a LinkedIn job search and a curated professional profile.


In other words, LinkedIn is all about personal branding 101. Without it, you have little hope of standing out in a crowded market.


4.            Glassdoor – Best for Research


Glassdoor is one of the many job search websites, but where it stands out is in the intel it can provide.


Are you wondering, “Is technology a good career path?” or maybe you’re interested in how to get a job in sales with a particular company? On Glassdoor, employees can anonymously submit information about salary, benefits, and what it’s like to work there.


The extent of Glassdoor’s database is why it’s now the go-to location to learn whether a brand is really an awesome place to work.


5.            AngelList – Best for Startups


Not everybody wants to work for an established brand. Some people prefer to work on the next ChatGPT and get in on an industry disruptor on the first floor.


If you’ve researched how to start freelancing and loved the freedom but not the responsibility, an AngelList job search can net you the best of both worlds.


Featuring the world’s biggest startup community, this large job board is ideal for high-quality startup postings. It also mandates employers include information about salary ranges and workplace benefits so job seekers don’t waste their time.


Plus, you can track your applications from a single dashboard when you apply.


6.            USAJobs – Best for Government Jobs


Are you secure enough in your career that you’re past the point of looking up guides on how to get a job in digital marketing? Then, it might be time to start looking for one of those cushy government jobs you’ve heard so much about.


In the past, jobs with the federal government were often hard to find out about, but USAJobs is the official job search site of the federal government.

Create job alerts, save jobs, and track your applications in one place. Note that many postings are for current government workers only, so read through each posting carefully.


Bonus: Other Job Search Websites


The key to how to find the best jobs is to cast your net as widely as possible. The reality is what makes a good job search platform is the opportunities available. In essence, most platforms offer similar features, but where they differ is in their reliability.

If you’re looking for more watering holes, check out these other job search websites:


  • SimplyHired
  • FlexJobs
  • CareerBuilder
  • Monster
  • LinkUp
  • Wellfound
  • The Muse




Job boards are just one of many avenues for securing your next career move. But you never know where an opportunity may come from.


Some job seekers can acquire exclusive roles via their LinkedIn networks, whereas others may reply to a job posting on one of the above platforms. The point is the wider you can spread yourself, the higher your chances of success.


At Urban Income, we support minorities in growing their incomes. For more career advice, check out our guides today.

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