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Top 10 Diversity Job Sites

It’s tough looking for a job. Grinding through listings, finding the right fit, making the right connections, and making sure that the timing is just perfect while seeking a new career opportunity can become a job of its own. Hiring managers aren’t just looking for someone with the right skill set; they’ve also got to keep interpersonal chemistry in mind, someone who will click with the team.

But for a job seeker coming from a marginalized or underrepresented segment of the workforce, cultural barriers may come into play. Be it conscious or unintentional, regressive employers may overlook qualified candidates for all the wrong reasons. That’s why, in some cases, it’s the smart move to look for jobs on diversity job sites.

These sorts of job boards and listings are coming from a place where a conscious effort is put into promoting diversity. Choosing to sift through their offerings can help steer you more easily to your next career opportunity. Not sure where to look? Start with these top 10 diversity job sites:

1. Diversity.com

For over two decades, this Black-owned Atlanta job board has been giving diverse job seekers a productive place to seek the next step in their careers. Focusing on science, technology, education, and medical positions, top talent in those fields is encouraged to start here. It champions career assistance for Black, Latinx, AAPI, LGBTQ+, women, Native Americans, veterans, and people with disabilities.

2. Workforce50

Ageism is a very real impediment for talented workers seeking new positions while in the midst of a mid-career change. At Workforce50, the philosophy is that folks of a certain age bring the benefit of seasoned skill sets and vast experience. Plug into their network to connect with employers who value the time you’ve already put into your growth and are ready to move forward with you.

3. Professional Diversity Network

Perhaps the vastest destination on the internet for finding jobs for underserved communities, the Professional Diversity Network — or PDN — is an umbrella for a whole group of diverse job boards. Included in that assortment of partner sites are resources for Black, Latino and more types of job seekers. Garner access to networking, educational, and employment opportunities for professionals from diverse backgrounds.

4. Pink Jobs

Sexual orientation isn’t something those outside the LGBTQ+ community have to consider when looking for a job. For those who are, situations may arise where prospective employers are less than open-minded about who they hire. Pink Jobs connects friendly hiring managers with solid talent from the community. And they have unlimited free job postings to boot!

5. WorkplaceDiversity.com

Another massive job posting site with lots of online partners, WorkplaceDiversity.com, is a one-stop shopping experience for many different communities. Sign up with them and have your job posting seen across their many sister sites, which can include multiple identities at once. After all, you might fall into several categories such as women, LGBTQ+, and Latinx at the same time, right? This “cross-pollination” opportunity is worth trying.

6. VetJobs.com

It’s a strange thing about veterans seeking work. On the one hand, their experience has almost surely given them everything from excellent management skills to all manner of practical education. And yet, some employers have a blind spot for these excellent candidates. Fortunately, VetJobs.com connects hiring managers to those who have served. It’s the perfect place for vets transitioning to the civilian sector.

7. Diversity Jobs

With close to three decades of dedication to diversity under its belt, Diversity Jobs has grown from a Latin-focused job board to a multi-faceted website serving several traditionally marginalized communities. In their own words, they offer “industry-leading SaaS-based talent acquisition and diversity recruiting solutions.” Tap into their dedication to affirmative action and diversity recruiting platform.

8. RecruitDisability.org

It can sometimes be frustrating that even in the day and age of the Americans with Disabilities Act firmly in place, many employers still don’t even have accessibility baked into their workplace. Fortunately, RecruitDisability.org vets prospective employers in advance for you. All of their listings are ensured to represent hiring managers who not only understand the needs of disabled folks but also their value as employees.

9. The Mom Project

Returning to the job market can feel more cumbersome than it should be for women who have left the workplace for months or even years to care for their children. The Mom Project’s mission statement is all about providing a platform for mothers seeking employers who will see their talent and respect their need for work-life balance. You’ve already got the hardest job in the world; The Mom Project will help you find your next one.

10. 70 Million Jobs

A marginalized community that employers often overlook is that of the formerly incarcerated. People with criminal records may find obstacles no matter how hard they’ve worked to change their lives. That’s where 70 Million Jobs comes in. Founded by a former Wall Street figure who served time for financial crimes, this site is dedicated to helping hard-working folks find that second chance.

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