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The Urban Income Show – Ep. 1: Kristy LoRusso

Navigating COVID-19, Building Teams and More Interview with Kristy LoRusso’s Chief Marketing Officer of Kaiser Permanente on her Journey to Success

In this episode of the Urban Income Podcast, host Lavall Chichester interviews Kristy LoRusso, the Chief Marketing Officer of Kaiser Permanente. Kristy shares her inspiring personal journey towards success, her experience as a female in a leadership position, and her advice for navigating microaggressions and fear.

She emphasizes the importance of being disciplined with money, being an ally to women, taking risks, and being vulnerable. She also offers advice on breaking into the healthcare industry and suggests skills and traits that are beneficial for success. Additionally, she shares insights on how to build relationships, explore different opportunities, and leverage them to find success. Here are a few of the topics discussed on this episode of The Urban Income Show.

  • Leveraging relationships and networks
  • Demonstrating qualifications
  • Being an ally to women
  • Trying and exploring different opportunities

Quotables from Kristy LoRusso:

3:58: “You had to be tough. You had to be a bit of a jerk. You had to stand up for yourself. You had to be aggressive and, and advocate for yourself in, in order to like break down the barriers and, and be heard and be seen.”

11:21 “You can’t do anything in this world. So the earlier you can build alliances and networks and then use those people to help you when you need it most and give back too. Of course it’s not a one-way street. The more doors that can open for you.”

26:10 “I’m not afraid to take risks. I’m usually the person that raises their hand to, you know, when they’re like, who wants to do this? And everyone likes scatters. I’m like, I’ll do it.”

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