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Encantos’ Susie Jaramillo on Creating a Successful Business as a Creative Entrepreneur

In this episode, Susie Jaramillo shares her valuable experiences and expertise in building powerful brands, highlighting the significance of celebrating and promoting the rich heritage of Latino culture. She delves into the fascinating realm of AI in marketing and animation, shedding light on its transformative potential. Additionally, Jaramillo provides valuable insights into the realm of personal branding, navigating real estate investments, and making a positive impact through non-profit initiatives. The episode also explores the importance of utilizing SEO strategies to shape online content and promote positive messaging to counteract negative narratives.

Susie Jaramillo, an Emmy-nominated director, artist, storyteller, and entrepreneur, is the Co-founder and CEO of Encantos, a leading producer of world-class entertainment brands for children that celebrate diverse cultures. With her creative vision and dedication, Susie has brought to life the award-winning preschool brand Canticos, a bilingual powerhouse with millions of streams and a wide range of educational products. Her passion for storytelling and commitment to fostering early childhood development has garnered industry recognition and made her a prominent figure in the children’s entertainment industry. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Urban Income Show:

  • Latinos are a great target market for consumer products, as they overspend in proportion to what they earn.
  • Genuine relationships and a strong network can lead to future opportunities and success.
  • Being a jerk in advertising or any industry never gets you anywhere and can harm future opportunities.
  • Susie believes in building with kindred spirits
  • Susie aims to present Latin American nursery rhymes to help children become bilingual
  • NFTs help Encantos Media Studios to connect directly with their supporters
  • Canticos spreads love by targeting negative keywords in online searches and promoting positivity.

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Quotables from Susie Jaramillo:

04:11 – Susie: “I feel like there’s this identity crisis that happens in the United States because there are so many Latinos from so many different places of Latin America in the United States, right? But once you’re here, it’s really important that we recognize that we’re all one thing, we’re all Latino, whether you’re from Cuba, we’re Puerto Rico, Mexico, whatever. Especially because that’s how you’re perceived by everybody else.”

27:29 – Susie: “So the Latin kids, they’re not getting taught their history. They’re not being represented, and now you have like an administration that came in, have really, you know, just cast a shadow on the entire Latin community that has always been an integral part of this American tapestry. And so I kind of found my calling in telling stories that hopefully will appeal to everybody, because I don’t tell stories just for Latin people. I tell wonderful Latin stories for everyone.”

39:22 – Lavall: “But what we’re using it, for now, is like, if you search online, are women evil, the answers are yes. And so, you know, this white supremacist shot up a black church because he did a search and found some fake stats. So the second way we’re using our skills for good is SEO, is we’re targeting all those words. We’re answering, we’re pushing love. So when someone searches are women evil, all those types of things, boom. We’re gonna, we’re populating the internet with love.”

56:20 – Lavall: “Because AI’s coming for people’s jobs, and it’s coming faster than they think. And the thing is that it’s not about, you could be the best talented person, but what you need to start learning how to do is, is learn the AI, use the AI to do your job faster and better. I truly believe now everyone has to start becoming their own personal brand with their own personal awareness. Attracted to them because it’s going to be, the future is going to be very small teams doing the work with AI.”

11:20 – Lavall: “People want to glorify on entrepreneurship, but it’s not for the faint of heart. And you have to love what you do otherwise, it’s like, it’s grueling. The only thing I would say is you have to have partners that offset your skill sets. Cause like you said, like Suzie said, she’s good at what she’s good at. I’m sure she has partners who excel at what they excel at. And that’s how you get it done.”

Susie: “That’s exactly right. You can’t, you can’t be the bride and the bridegroom. Like, know your strengths. Know your strengths and compliment your weaknesses. And the weaknesses are nothing to be ashamed about, by the way. Like, nobody does everything. I think weaknesses need to be acknowledged and need to be complimented so that you can lean into your strengths.”

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