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Is Technology a Good Career Path?


Technology has long been a refuge for innovators, entrepreneurs, and those searching for a fresh start, but is technology a good career path?


Recently developments have seen major tech companies downsizing, and worries over the impact of technology like ChatGPT have made people nervous. Despite this, technology remains a hub of good careers that pay well.


This guide discusses whether tech is still a good career in 2023 and which entry-level tech careers deliver the greatest opportunities.


Layoffs, Downsizing, and Closures – Is Technology a Good Career Path?


The technology industry has been experiencing rapid change after the pandemic, caused by rising inflation and cost of living and the AI revolution. In fact, it’s the largest decline since the Dot Com Bubble. So, is technology a good career path?


Even though layoffs increased by 649% in 2022, this doesn’t necessarily spell the death knell for the tech industry. Most of these layoffs directly result from excessive hiring practices in the years directly before COVID-19 and during its early years.


Big tech companies have entered a state of consolidation. In short, good-paying jobs without degrees still exist in the tech industry, offering high median salaries, job satisfaction, retention rates, and exciting career growth opportunities.


Is Tech Still a Good Career in 2023?


The class of 2023 may be worried about the industry’s future, but there’s no reason to be. While layoffs have made the headlines, tech companies continue to hire. For example, 18% of Fidelity’s workforce expansion consists of tech jobs.


These roles are still required, and renewed interest in advanced learning platforms for digital marketing and emerging technologies is spurring this hiring spree.


5 Best Tech Jobs in 2023


Is technology a good career path?


By embracing AI and growth strategies, technology remains a worthwhile career path and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Here’s a rundown of the five best tech jobs to aim for in 2023.


1. Software Developer


Software developers are engineers who build everything from individual applications to networks. Most of your day will be spent building programs through coding, but software developers also play a role in determining user needs and planning technical features.


Anyone seeking a position must take the time to study their learning styles and familiarize themselves with skills like computer science knowledge and languages like:


  • Python
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • C++


Most companies prefer entry-level developers to have a bachelor’s in computer science. However, you can often complete a boot camp or even look into starting freelancing.


If opting for the latter, be prepared to take on various responsibilities, including learning how to do your taxes.


2. Data Scientist


Data science is a relatively new role as it has evolved from the growth of big data. These professionals use predictive modeling, machine learning, and AI analytics technologies.


They can find themselves in various roles, including AI, crypto, or within businesses in any industry. If you already know “What is crypto?” and “How can AI be used to drive sales?” this thinking will serve you well in this role.


This in-demand tech job will usually require you to hold a relevant bachelor’s degree.


3. Artificial Intelligence Specialist


Artificial intelligent specialists or machine learning engineers are among the most in-demand roles in the country. According to LinkedIn, artificial intelligence specialist was the fourth fastest-growing job in the country in 2022.


These professionals develop machine learning and AI technologies to stimulate and replicate the human mind’s functions. They may be positioned within business intelligence or experimental AI.


Is technology a good career path for AI enthusiasts? Since this is such an applicable role in today’s world, you could take on various duties. Check out different diversity job sites to see what jobs are available today.


At a minimum, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science.


4. IT Manager


IT managers are responsible for bringing a firm’s short-term and long-term tech visions to life. They will often be found collaborating with upper management and executives on the role of technology within the organization.


Note that these are not entry-level jobs. Typically, they are reserved for those who have already operated within the sector at an intermediate or senior level.


5. Information Security Analyst


Information security analysts take charge of cybersecurity operations. They are there to protect both networks and computer systems from cyberattacks.

These professionals will find themselves planning and deploying cybersecurity measures, including ongoing monitoring, investigating breaches, and penetration testing.


If you want to embark upon this tech role, expect to possess at least a bachelor’s degree.


Can You Start a Technology Business in 2023?


Not everyone went to college or had prior experience in the tech industry. If you’re wondering how to get a job in sales, how to find a job in digital marketing, or where you can obtain qualifications for a more in-depth tech role, you could be at a loss.


But plenty of opportunities exist for those who are willing to learn. Top black financial influencers state that now is an ideal time to go into the tech business due to emerging technology.


So, how can you obtain the foundations needed to succeed in this role?


  • Figure out what you need to know.
  • Join a boot camp or choose a service like Learning IQ by Growth Skills, which provides complete online sales and digital marketing courses to help you grow your business.
  • Come up with your big idea.
  • Work on a business plan.
  • Search for grants to help you fund your studies or business. For example, you may need to embark upon an income share agreement.


Is technology a good career path for the entrepreneur? Undoubtedly. You could find yourself generating a passive income or collaborating on the latest and greatest tool that changes the world.


Is Technology a Good Career Path for Me?


If you have a passion for technology and a willingness to learn new information and gain the necessary experience, this could be an excellent long-term career path for you.

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